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The Benefits Of Carpet In Your Home

Gives you Warmth & Comfort

Carpet is the ultimate thermal resistance(R-Value). In winter it holds warm air for longer saving you energy. It also offers a warmer feeling, a comfortable work and play area.

Fashion & Style

Carpet comes in thousands of colors and styles making it easy to personalize your home space.
Quality Plush, Pattern or Berber carpet brings warmth to any room.
Selecting your broadloom With its many styles, textures and types of construction, makes it easy to personalize your home space, whether you choose neutral, more vibrant or bolder patterns and textures.

Improves your indoor air quality

Did you know that new carpet is the lowest VOC emitting flooring choice on the market today?There’s a common misconception that people with asthma & allergies should avoid installing broadloom in their home. Carpet acts like an air filter trapping all dust & pollen from your breathing zone making it the best flooring choice. With regular vacuuming allergy/asthma sufferers have had symptoms improve according to studies.

Soft on the falls (Toddlers Best Friend)

Parents with toddlers can appreciate a nice soft broadloom underneath cushioning & protecting any slips or falls. It also provides great traction on stairs making it much more slip proof than any hard surfaces.

Noise Reduction

From the many electronic devices being used in our homes, they become noisy places. Carpet combined with good underpad helps to minimize & absorb these sounds. It also performs as a sound buffer between floors by helping block sound transmission to be able to rooms below. It also helps masks sound of continuous foot traffic on the stairs.